You should be angry. You must not be bitter. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure. So use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote it. You do everything about it. You talk it. Never stop talking it.
— Maya Angelou (via feminist-fairy)

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if you are struggling in your art, it may mean your creativity does not trust you. how many times has it begged you to be free (out of love), and how many times have you told it no (out of fear.) nothing will flow until you heal this relationship.
— nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

(via nayyirahwaheed)


hay, it’s us at the Mid-Michigan Zine Fair!
photo by hpjohns

untitled by sasha cresdee on Flickr.

I am becoming braver when it comes to experiencing intimacy with others. I know that the world exists in many shades of grey, and that what I’ve come to understand as privilege and power has had the effect of reshaping my relationships — revealing them for what they are — I can’t deny that every relationship is an expression of sex in some way. By sex I mean the pleasurable or not pleasurable disruption of ego boundaries. Thinking about this experience of ego fluctuation as other than sex is a personal understandable decision, but I would like to create a new way or a more true-to-life way of defining how and why relationships with others are formed. I feel more than I can see. The potential for exposing relationships with other people for that are is tantalizing, healing and whatever exists as the word for the complete opposite of misery.

He hung up the phone, you listened to the dial tone
And you stared at the stove until the beeping started
You read some love letters some threats and some you couldn’t tell apart
That you keep under the bed at the apartment
And then you did what he asked you to do you opened your heart up
Right there on a napkin on the carpet and part of it was frostbit
But you’ve always been a smart kid
Could still distinguish, the blood black as pitch
Valves had gone stiff, veins and scar tissue
Four chambers just a standard issue
But none had room, forgiveness is huge
And you had two full of ice water
One fulla salt, one packed with coal
Eager and ready and willing to find fault..

Then with your heart in your lap

And your head in your hands, suddenly you had a plan

Wrap the mess in newspaper
Headed west on Hennepin, 
Heavy with a huge favor for a kid that just turned ten
A flat-chested, gap-toothed girl
Was the best that I’ve been so far
And now I’m too big to forgive him
I need just a moment with me, 
A moment when I was still little
I used to sing on the roof outside my windowsill
And I came hoping some ghost of me would be here still
And here you are, stick figure and a busted grin
Still ignorant of all the trouble Ima get us in
Hoping we could trade, just for tonight
Like I could borrow your heart
And I could leave you mine
It’s not much for collateral, tattered and battle-scared
But I can promise you solemn
That I will be back for it tomorrow
I only need yours this evening
So I can call an old friend
And I can tell him
That we’re finally even, 
That we’re finally even.

-Dessa, Mineshaft II


Saturday, February 15 7-10pm  MICA Gallery (1210 Turner St)
new weird chaos is a collision of experimental video art and improvisational movement created by local artists. Multiple videos will be simultaneously projected around the gallery while movement-based performers enact their works throughout and with the space.The event will feature gourmet hors d’oeurves prepared by Sprout and the Bean. Featuring work by:Caroline CaswellJefferson KielwagenRyan GroendykKathleen MatkovicAugusta MorrisonEthan TateJaclyn PackIan SiporinAmy Jacobs
===========================================================This event is a part of NEXT Old Town, a month-long series of events at the MICA Gallery featuring young artists. “Prepare for discombobulation; a touch of anarchy. Events at the MICA Gallery in February taking the Old out of Old Town.”